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lIttle egg production is a boutique indie film production company located in Vienna. We specialize in crafting unique, concise content spanning from showreels to short films to everything in between.
Our international team offers these services fluently in German, English, and French.



Our primary mission is to create tailored, high-value showreels for actors. We take a personalized approach by closely examining your existing showreel, casting type, and unique strengths. Beyond this, we handle all aspects of pre- and post-production in order to deliver a polished final product. We are committed to addressing another industry gap—short film production. These dynamic works, frequently serving as a launchpad for full-length features, often go unnoticed. In addition, we provide a range of services, including script enhancement, editing, directorial concept development, and refinement. Our international team offers these services fluently in German, English, and French. Long story short your success is at the heart of our friendly and professional service.

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how we came to be

Founded by Tahnee Nordegg, a Regent's University graduate in Screenwriting & Producing, little egg production was born out of necessity and in order to channel creativity during the pandemic. It all began with the desire to update showreels and to engage in artistic endeavours. As time went by, we found immense joy in the process. Now, after three years of hard work and dedication, little egg production has transformed into the thriving entity it is today. With our international experience, synergies, and cooperative efforts, we have worked across various facets of the film industry, gained invaluable insights and developed a unique perspective and understanding.

What we do


Our script development services, offer comprehensive assistance to bring your ideas to life. From inception to completion, we collaborate with you to create impactful scripts, providing valuable feedback and proofreading to enhance their quality. Our goal is to elevate your scripts to the next level, ensuring they are polished and ready for production.

What we do


We specialize in writing and producing showreel scenes specifically designed for actors who are at the beginning of their careers or wish to showcase a different aspect of their talent. Our team works closely with each actor to understand their unique strengths and aspirations, crafting compelling scenes that highlight their abilities. We effectively capturing the essence of the actor's potential and help them make a lasting impression in the industry.

What we do

Directorial Concept
& Treatments

We offer comprehensive support in creating directorial concept portfolios and writing treatments. Collaborating closely with directors, we assist in developing their creative vision, translating it into a visually compelling concept portfolio. Our expertise in crafting treatments allows us to capture the essence of the director's vision, providing a clear and engaging roadmap for the project. With our assistance, directors can effectively communicate their ideas to stakeholders, secure funding, and bring their artistic vision to fruition.

What we do

Short Film

We specialize in assisting aspiring filmmakers to produce their short films, helping them bring their initial vision to life. With our trusted network of experienced crew members, we provide valuable support throughout the production process, ensuring a successful outcome.

previous Work

short Films

The past works of little egg productions include critically acclaimed and widely recognized films such as "Les Clefs," "Bellaria," "Who Chews Pizza Loudly," and "The Fragility of Reality."



We have established a collaborative partnership with a handpicked team of exceptionally talented and trusted filmmakers, costume designers, makeup artists, and set designers. Together, we share a collective passion for crafting exceptional short films and reel scenes Leveraging their diverse expertise and extensive experience, our team consistently delivers high-quality productions that captivate and engage audiences.

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To learn more about our award-winning work and explore additional information, we invite you to visit our IMDb profile. There, you can discover our portfolio, accolades, and industry recognition. Furthermore, you can watch some of our captivating films by following the link to our Vimeo channel. We appreciate your interest and look forward to sharing our compelling storytelling with you.


lets work together

For collaboration inquiries, pricing details, or if you have any unanswered questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to provide you with the information you need and explore potential opportunities to collaborate.


Concept, Design & Development by
Tahnee Nordegg
Fotos by Philipp Schulz
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In the works

Rivers & Roads

Rivers & Roads is about a group of refugees who, hoping to find refuge in a neighboring country, flee from their war-torn homeland.The group must survive a challenging journey through merciless forests, fear encounters with hostile armed soldiers, and navigate the complexities of life with a disability.


Rivers & roads

Rivers & Roads is currently in pre production. The script has recently won Best Short Screenplay at Katra Film Series and has been a quater finalist at Vail Screenplay Contest.

Short film

les Clefs

We witness Emma's life unravel within the confines of her enchanting new Parisian flat. Its locked door becomes a metaphorical Pandora's box, evoking echoes of Hitchcock's suspense mastery and Polanski's aptitude for apartment-based unease.



With a runtime of 14 minutes, the film unfolds with the delicacy of a haiku, deftly balancing between the realms of reality and the uncanny, reminiscent of Luis Buñuel's surrealist exploits. The camera work oscillates between the calm and the chaotic, reflecting Emma's escalating psyche as the keychain's discovery thrusts her life into a whirlwind. The narrative's brevity necessitates an economy of expression that recalls the refinement of Robert Bresson's "A Man Escaped".Klocker and Nordegg, both doubling as directors and producers, draw on a cinematic palette that does not shy away from textual complexity or profound implications, echoing the visual precision of Michael Haneke's oeuvre. The film's artistic trajectory parallels the aesthetics of the French New Wave, while the unsettling undertones are reminiscent of the psychological tension in Ingmar Bergman's classics.



"The Fragility of Reality" is a captivating three-chapter film that delves into the intricate work process of Jonathan Berkh. Shot in black and white, this film showcases Berkh's vibrant and neon-colored artwork in a contradicting and unique light. "The Fragility of Reality," created for the Barcelona Contemporary exhibition in 2021 was brought to life by Jonathan Berkh Patryk Senwicki, Laura Ette and Tahnee Nordegg.



Subtle, elegant, a multisensorial experience.



Bellaria is a captivating artistic endeavor inspired by Cécile Nordegg's album. Filmed amidst the peak of the pandemic in 2021, when live concerts had become a distant memory, this project aimed to preserve the essence of live music. By seamlessly blending the atmosphere of a concert with the aesthetic appeal of a music video, we sought to breathe life into the art form and provide a platform for singers to authentically express themselves. This creative venture came to fruition through a collaborative effort involving Jonathan Berkh Patryk Senwicki, Laura Ette and Tahnee Nordegg.


Short Films Matter

An album showcase of Jazz Proclamation, Vol. 3 by Cécile Nordegg|No-Ce & Band.
**** 4/5
Directed by Cécile Nordegg & Patryk Senewicki, ‘Bellaria’ is musical showcase of Cécile Nordegg | No-Ce & Band’s 2021 album Jazz Proclamation, Vol. 3. Set entirely at the Café Bellaria in Vienna, Austria, the film rewards viewers with extensive musical performances that are laced together in a lyrical narrative. With a contemporary jazz arrangement, the production brings together a variety of international creative talent; musicians, composers and filmmakers. An enthralling watch from the get-go.
The 55-minute video opens with the instrumental and cinematography set up by the musicians and film crew. An angelic white piano takes center stage –in drastic contrast to the rough and unkept interior within the Bellaria Café. The audience is swiftly introduced to Cécile Nordegg and her band, as the soundtrack transitions into a “live-like” performance. The film doesn’t shy away from showcasing the behind-the-scenes technicality – which only highlights the collaborative value. With a respectable track-listing, the musicianship will astonish, entertain and inspire.

mirco short

Who chews pIZZA LOUDLY?

"Who Chews Pizza Loudly" is a showreel scene that started it all by finding its way into the micro short film festival circuit,"Who Chews Pizza Loudly" .The micro short revolves around Matilda, a woman who finds herself on a disastrous date with a man who chews his pizza loudly. Frustrated and disappointed, Matilda seeks solace in her roommate, sharing her grievances about the unpleasant experience. However, amidst the conversation, she unintentionally unveils her hidden truth—her profound love for her best friend, Jen, who happens to be a woman. This story delves into the complexities of unexpected revelations, self-discovery, and the delicate balance between friendship and romance.


Film Festivals

Semi Finalist at Vienna Indie Short Film Festival 2021
Official Selection Toronto Film Magazine Fest 2021
Niagara Falls International Short Festival 2021
San Francisco Indie Short Festical 2021
Toronto International Women Film Festival 2021